Flower Girl Baskets: Adorable Options for the Littlest Member of Your Wedding

Published: 20th April 2011
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While all eyes are on the bride on the big day, everyone can agree that the littlest member of the wedding, the flower girl, gets a big dose of attention too. And she deserves every bit of it. Flower girls delight guests as they delicately stroll down the aisle, bringing an adorable air of levity to what can otherwise be a very formal occasion. That’s why it’s so important to choose your flower girl’s dress and accessories with the utmost care and attention.

The accessory that signifies her role most prominently, the flower girl basket, is among the most important considerations. Flower girl baskets come in so many styles and designs that it can be a real challenge to narrow down your final selections. You can go for classic white, add a fun and modern spin, or even choose to tie in your wedding theme colors with the basket. The right flower girl basket can create a beautiful impression, making for amazing pictures and memories. If you’re getting ready to pick out your flower girl basket, have a look at some of these wonderful options.

Simple White Flower Girl Baskets

If your wedding is adhering to classic tradition, you may want to choose a simple and elegant white flower girl basket. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego all visual interest. Intricate detailing and embellishments can add lots of character to even the most conservative baskets. Take, for example, a pearl sequin basket. Complete with shimmering crystal and sequin accents, a lovely little bow and a white flower with a pearl center, this basket will make a charming impression as your flower girl carries it down the aisle with pride.

Be sure to take fabrics into consideration too. A basket wrapped in premium duchess satin is an excellent choice. Add some crystal accents and an elegant bow, and you’ve got one very special flower girl basket. For a flower girl basket that exudes sweetness, look for a basket with wide satin panels, dainty layered ribbons and delicate bows. These small details can take an ordinary white or ivory basket to an all new level of elegance.

Having Fun with Colors

There are so many ways to incorporate your wedding colors in your special day, from table centerpieces to bridesmaid dresses to favors. So why not add a dash of the theme colors to your flower girl basket too? This is an excellent opportunity to have fun with accenting shades. The Cosmos Collection flower girl basket, for example, is available with a warm tangerine shade sash or a cool blue horizon sash. Complete with bow accents and a layered cosmos print, this adorable little basket is a great way to have fun with colors.

For a truly head turning dose of color, try the Paradise style flower girl basket. This bold, beautiful design features rich shades like clover, jade, cornflower, lapis, marine and truffle. A sleek black band and dazzling peacock feather complete the basket for an extra element of drama. Your flower girl will delight in toting around this captivatingly colorful basket.

Creative Designs

Why not choose an embroidered image to display on your flower girl basket? This is another smart way to tie in your bridal theme. The Love Bird model, for example, features two delicate songbirds in love, a sweet and sentimental addition to your flower girl’s ensemble.

Perhaps you’re having a beach themed wedding. Why not opt for the Seaside Allure style? This adorable basket features a band of embroidered seashells complete with delicate starfish detailing in sleek blue and white. A shimmering silver starfish tops off this lovely flower girl basket while emphasizing your summery theme.

Your flower girl should feel calm, comfortable and confident as she strolls down the aisle on the big day. One of the best ways to ensure that her ensemble is complete from head to toe is to provide her with a truly special looking flower girl basket - one that she’ll take pride in toting around for the day. So while it’s important to consider your wedding themes, the colors of your bridesmaid dresses and other themes, be sure that you also take into account your little flower girl’s unique personality. Choosing a color or style that she loves will ensure that she looks and feels her very best on the big day. Take these tips and guidelines into consideration before selecting your flower girl basket and you’ll have picture perfect photos and beautiful memories for years and years to come.

Tyler Patterson is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and fashion including specific products such as flower girl baskets.

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